Since its inception ENISO Partners has successfully thrived in the development and implementation of rules-based investment strategies.

For the past two decades, our lateral thinkers have been enthusiastically exploring and developing tailor-made asset management strategies that systematically link information technology and financial market knowledge to the benefit of institutional and private investors.

Oliver Collins

Portfolio Manager

Chantal Grossenbacher

Risk & Compliance Management / Controlling

Roland Kramer

Roland Kramer

FX Portfolio Manager

Chr. Clemens Lee


Bettina Anna Meier

Senior Client Advisor

Gerd Ramsperger

Chief Executive Officer

Marc Weibel

Head of Investment Solutions

Franz K. von Meyenburg

Chairman of the Board

Hans-Peter Gujer

Vice-chairman of the Board

Paul Nyfeller

Board Member

The Organisation

Gerd Ramsperger and Marc Weibel
Franz K. von Meyenburg (Chairman of the Board), Hans-Peter Gujer (Vice-chairman of the Board), Paul Nyffeler, Gerd Ramsperger
The company is wholly owned by the managing partners and board of directors
CHF 1.5 Million
PwC Zürich
Licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) as an asset manager for collective investment schemes (pursuant to CISA)