Roland Kramer

FX Portfolio Manager

Roland Kramer has a vast wealth of experience in foreign exchange trading. In 1984 he completed his banking apprenticeship at a Swiss bank and commenced working in foreign exchange.

Over the next 13 years, he worked as an FX trader and technical analyst at various Tier 1 banks. In 1996, together with some partners he founded his own company SteamLab Incorp., which he successfully built up.

In 2001, he joined Bank Sarasin (J. Safra Sarasin), where he was part of the quantitative asset management team. In 2006, Roland was appointed to managing the Bank’s Foreign Exchange Fund and segregated FX mandates. In doing so, he developed a rules-based investment and trading strategy for foreign exchange investment solutions.

At the end of 2015 Roland left J. Safra Sarasin to further develop his FX trading strategies as an independent manager.

Roland Kramer joined ENISO Partners in January 2017 as an FX portfolio manager. At ENISO, he is responsible for foreign exchange strategies and funds.