Astute thinking, disciplined behaviour, building trust.

If our daily lives benefit so much from modern advances in microelectronics, telecommunications and information technology, why shouldn’t the same apply to the management of investments? In reality, the decision-making process for investment and asset management is very often dominated by human emotion rather than objective analysis of the relevant information.

Our proven track record and cutting-edge investment solutions focus on systematic data analysis, disciplined investment processes and the effective symbiosis of IT expertise and financial market know-how.

Our team has consciously explored areas beyond the traditional territory of the asset management industry – and have been successfully doing so for many years.


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Why a systematic approach?

With the influential and powerful growth of computer power over the past four decades ENISO Partners systematic approach has been able to apply an ever-increasing effective and dynamic technology to its asset management solutions. ENISO Partners systematic approach safeguards its clients from the following investment dilemmas:

Behavioural biases
Sudden and erratic price movements can lead even the most experienced investors to stop acting rationally. By acting irrationally and emotionally investors are at the peril of making sub-optimal investment decisions and hindering their returns.

Time tested
Traditional investment managers and their strategies follow subjective forecasts and qualitative outlooks which make it difficult to evaluate. Very few seasoned investors can provide the required data to evaluate with a high degree of confidence the source or significance of their added returns.

Complexities of financial markets
It is becoming extremely difficult for market participants and their strategies to get to grips with the complexity of factors influencing today’s and tomorrow’s markets. When facing investment decisions this has the potential to leave experts and their strategies in a maze of trouble and doubt.                                                                                           An overload of data                                                                                                           Even seasoned investment professionals find it close to unworkable to manage and analyse the ever-growing mountain of data they are flooded with.

Asset Management

Traditional asset management is primarily founded on trust and service quality – but in our opinion this is no more than a strong foundation. If you are looking for an investment advisor that manages your assets according to a customised and results-oriented approach based on a systematic, rules based investment style, – ENISO Partners is your asset manager.

Systematic Return Mandate

Active rules based investment mandate that responds to your individual needs whilst being managed systematically in a risk-controlled way.

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Systematic Risk Mandate

When capital preservation lies at the top of your priorities even so, you’d like to achieve a certain return.

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ENISO Partners offers a cross-asset range of actively managed funds that seek to deliver superior risk adjusted returns by dynamically managing asset allocation in an active and risk-controlled manner, whilst offering excellent diversification .

ENISO Systematic Risk

Investing systematically in a globally balanced portfolio aimed at minimising risk and maximising returns.

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ENISO Forte CH SMI Expanded®

Investing in the top 50 Swiss companies in a systematic manner, with optimal returns and broad diversification.

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Investing in the best eurozone equities while deploying a systematic and diversified approach. 

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Optimising returns through a systematic, diversified investment in global equities.

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