Investment Process

At ENISO Partners we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients in developing an investment strategy that matches your personal situation, your goals and your attitude to risk. Our comprehensive asset management expertise enables us to take a holistic view of your circumstances, whilst also taking into consideration aspects such as real estate or art when developing your investment strategy.

ENISO Partners investment processes encompass a disciplined asset management methodology based on fundamentals and market psychology and free of any emotion, our goal is to achieve results that meet our shared expectations.

ENISO’s systematic investment approach seeks to achieve better risk-adjusted returns by deploying the following rules based models to our investment solutions:

The building blocks of success

Global Factor Asset Selector – GFAS
The GFAS model incorporates a large amount of key fundamental data, which serves to dynamically manage part of the asset allocation of ENISO’s equity funds and mandates by evaluating the fundamental investment environment.

Risk Appetite Indicator – RAI
The RAI is based on a host of behavioural finance parameters and provides an accurate and risk-controlled assessment of whether to commit to or avoid specific investment risks.

Global Forces Sector Selector – GFSS
The GFSS model main focus is the equity cycle. As returns generated by different sectors vary depending on the phase of the equity market cycle, the GFSS skilful systematic rotation between sectors seeks to produce superior risk adjusted returns.

Six Forces Equity Selector – SFES
The SFES model sole focus is global stock selection. The model systematically ranks equities globally on a wide array of fundamental and market psychology variables.

Systematic Bond Selector – SBS
The SBS model aims to systematically select the most attractive and liquid opportunities across the global corporate bond universe.