Systematic Return Mandate

If you’re looking for active, tailored asset management designed to optimise the return of your mandate in a systematic and risk-controlled way, the ENISO Systematic Return Mandate is the right choice for you.

ENISO Partners rules-based asset management approach is designed to achieve results that meet our clients’ expectations through an investment methodology based on fundamentals and market psychology.

The ENISO Systematic Return Mandate offers three key benefits:

Active asset allocation
Using a wide range of market-relevant indicators, the Global Factor Asset Selector (GFAS) developed by ENISO Partners assesses both the underlying stock market environment and the market psychology climate with the help of the ENISO Risk Appetite Indicator. From this basis we are able to work out the optimal equities quota for your mandate over the course of time. This means that stock market downturns can be systematically cushioned and long-term return opportunities exploited to the full.

Top-performing equities
The Global Forces Sector Selector (GFSS) allows your assets to be skilfully rotated between sectors, while the role of the Six Forces Equity Selector (SFES) is to provide a balanced stock selection capable of generating solid returns. Both methods permit a well rounded construction of a quality portfolio offering both broad diversity and attractive returns.

Stable returns
The importance of having a stable mandate will vary depending on your chosen investment strategy. Based on fundamental and behavioural finance factors, the Systematic Bond Selector (SBS) provides systematic pre-selection before bonds are screened for their tradability. This ensures that your wealth is always invested in a high-quality, liquid and well-balanced bond portfolio.