Systematic Risk Mandate

If preserving capital is your main priority and you still want to achieve a certain return, ENISO Systematic Risk Mandate is the right choice for you.

The mandate was developed in order to replicate the risk profile of a portfolio of fixed-income investments while at the same time generating higher returns over the mid-term. To achieve this goal, our investment specialists have created a risk-controlled, systematic and high-yielding portfolio concept that measures and manages the market risks using an expansive range of factors.

There are four key reasons for investing in ENISO Systematic Risk:

For the active yield
ENISO’s risk appetite indicator skilfully steers the assets between equities and bonds without subjective bias – based on a risk-controlled, quantitative approach.

For stability
Our specialists invest a core amount in selected, high-quality bonds.

For combatting uncertainty
Volatility instruments are used to cushion unforeseeable events (“black swans”) and their negative impacts on returns.

For the defensive yield
A set of factors specifically developed for ENISO Systematic Risk invests in a astute way in the shares of companies with a particularly stable business performance.

ENISO Systematic Risk Brochure (German)